Command: lio_getattr

Usage: lio_getattr LIO_COMMON_OPTIONS [-rd recurse_depth] [-t object_types] [-vmax max_val] PRINT_OPTIONS [-ga attr_glob | -ra attr_regex | -al key1,key2,…keyN] LIO_PATH_OPTIONS

-d level – Set the debug level (0-20). Defaults to 0
-no-auto-lfs – Disable auto-conversion of LFS mount paths to lio
-c config – Configuration file
-lc user@config – Use the user and config section specified for making the default LIO
-np N – Number of simultaneous operations. Default is 100.
-i N – Print information messages of level N or greater. No header is printed
-it N – Print information messages of level N or greater. Thread ID header is used
-if N – Print information messages of level N or greater. Full header is used

LIO_PATH_OPTIONS: [-rp regex_path | -gp glob_path] [-ro regex_objext | -go glob_object] [path_1 … path_N]
-rp regex_path – Regex of path to scan
-gp glob_path – Glob of path to scan
-ro regex_obj – Regex for final object selection.
-go glob_obj – Glob for final object selection.
path1 .. pathN – Glob of paths to target

PRINT_OPTIONS: [-new_obj new_obj_fmt] [-end_obj end_obj_fmt] [-attr_fmt attr_fmt] [-attr_sep attr_sep]
-new_obj new_obj_fmt – New object C format string. Default is “object=%s\n”
-end_obj end_obj_fmt – End object C format string. Default is “\n”
-attr_fmt attr_fmt – Attribute C format string. Default is ” %s=%s\n”
-attr_sep attr_sep – Attribute separator C format string. Default is “”

The format strings are string together according to the following code snippet:
printf(new_obj_fmt, object_name);
printf(attr_fmt, key[0], val[0]);
for (i=1; i<nattr; i++) {
printf(attr_fmt, key[i], val[i]);
printf(end_obj_fmt, object_name);

-rd recurse_depth – Max recursion depth on directories. Defaults to 10000
-t object_types – Types of objects to list bitwise OR of 1=Files, 2=Directories, 4=symlink, 8=hardlink. Default is 1.
-vmax max_val – Max size of attribute value allowed. Default value is 1048576
-ga attr_glob – Attribute glob string
-ra attr_regex – Attribute regex string
-al key1,key2,… – Comma separated list of keys to retrieve